This Important Message

Are you living a big, thrilling, transformed life? Do you wake up every morning giddy with anticipation?

If you answered NO, please stay tuned for this important message.

You are a magnificent being on a magical planet, and everything is perfect right now. You are whole, and well, and blessed beyond measure, right now. All day long gifts are shining into your life and in the night your guides visit and tell you stories. You asked to be here, and when you entered you brought a court of assistants along, just to help you live your extraordinary life, and to find a parking space.

This life is a high-impact experience and so you may have temporarily lost your connection to consciousness. It's okay; just take a deep breath and wake up again. The highest Source is waiting for you like an old friend sitting on your front porch. Just open the door.

Humankind is evolving, and you, my friend, are on the ride. Transformation is the act of leaving your luggage behind. Sometimes it takes a prayer to the God of your understanding to be willing to leave the luggage; so pray. You don't need the luggage. It's full of resentment, distrust and fear. You will be so much lighter without it that you will discover inner peace.

And don't be fooled into thinking peace is dull or monotonous. Inner peace is the fertile soil that allows for huge creativity, expansion and delight. Fear just makes a ruckus, stirs things up and is unruly. It makes lot of drama but nothing is accomplished.

So remember, right now is an incredible time to be alive. All over the globe, human beings are recognizing their spiritual Source and making some amazing changes happen because of it. You're one of these people. No matter what kind of noise is blaring in your outer life, know that you are on a sacred journey. Your task is to wake up, connect with God, and allow the Light to shine through you. It'll be easy because you left your protective coat in your luggage.

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PocketCT said...

what if I wake up every morning giddy with anticipation but you and I both know it is all about the Sumatran coffee I will be making soon.