Social Media Meltdown

In the beginning was the letter. And the letter was good.

On the second day the Lord spake, and the Internet was born.

On the third day the Lord created email.

On the fourth day the website, the ad banner and eBay came to be. And the Lord smiled.

On the fifth day He created blogs.

On the sixth day the earth was peopled with Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Base Camp, Squidoo and Twitter. Profiles were filled out; groups were formed; events created; pictures uploaded; quizzes calculated; witty comments compiled; witty comments responded to; mobile text checked; mobile text responded to with smiley-face icon; friends added; acquaintances added; total strangers added; spam managed and passwords protected.

On the seventh day the Lord wanted so badly to rest. But He could not. Because he had to go post about it.

1 comment:

PocketCT said...

I <3 emoticons.

By the way tried twitter and didn't have much fun with it. I know a bunch of people on it but they feed their tweets through facebook so why switch?