WARNING: Do not read if you already have too many distractions.

Today my friendly mailman brought me an issue of K-Zine, courtesy of the April mini-zine swap on Swap-Bot. Good ol Katie was kind enough to review the website Stumbleupon.com, and I thought I'd breeze on over there and check it out. Yeah. An hour later I reluctantly dragged myself away, but only to spread the word!

With Stumbleupon, you choose what kind of websites interest you, then hone it down by liking it or not liking it (if you don't like it, the pop up text box says "not for me", which I find gracious). Immediately I was Stumbling on all kinds of interesting art, writing, political and environmental sites. Plus some wacky stuff too. Sure, some of the pages were boring (they were "not for me"), but I kept Stumbling on to lots of super-cool, totally engaging sites that I would never even have thought to look for using Google. Like the snowflake-generator site. Or the writing-prompt site that gives you a word and one minute to write using the word. Or the craft blog that has a tutorial on how to make flower prints--assuming you have time now that you'll be spending your days Stumbling.

In her mini-zine Katie writes, "Thanks a lot Blake. Now I get nothing done at work."

You'll thank me too.

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