Family Circus

Today we took the kids to the circus.

I don't know if it's possible to be more mom-and-apple-pie than to take the kids to the circus. We went with Scott's sisters and their kids so all of the cousins romped and jumped up and down on the aluminum stands and ate cotton candy and popcorn until they were just about sick. The music was screamingly loud, a frigid wind was roaring and we wrapped ourselves in blankets and had a fine time. After all, there were elephants. And dirt bike riders and high wire acts that have surely used up more than their nine lives.

And in the middle of watching the kids dancing in the stands with mouths neon blue from the cotton candy dye, leaning up against my husband, I knew that any thoughts I may have of striking off on my own, gypsy-free way are not going to be. I have a family. It happens, by a tremendous stroke of luck, to be a happy family. And for this I am most grateful.

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PocketCT said...

yup I'm a sucker for blue tongues too. Especially on the quintessential cuteness that is your kids. Here's to happiness.