3 Years

Today I got my 3 year coin at my AA women's group. Ann gave it to me (God, I love her) and then according to the usual fashion it was passed around to be individually blessed. Several people said lovely things about me during the meeting which just about made me blush. Seems they're glad to have me.

Then my friend Gayle gave me a nifty little birdhouse that says "Robin's Nest" and a beautiful bracelet. Wasn't that nice? And Leah gave me a birthday balloon, and Ann and Carolyn wrote out beautiful cards for me.

All because I'm sober! Isn't that just crazy?

Really, I am very blessed.


buddinggardener said...

Awesome! Three years of greatness!


I know I've said this before, but you really are an inspiration. :)

PocketCT said...


you are awesome to the third power.