I was just reading this wonderful blog by Catharsis Queen and I just had to sit down and post. She posts every day which is studly. I do not post every day. Perhaps you've noticed.

But this is what is happening now. Maya was sick and threw up twice on her pajamas in the night. Then she recovered and now Jordan is sick. Ah...preschool germs. Then the dog peed on the floor and I suspect that he may be sick as well. He goes out fifteen hundred thousand times a night. His habit is to wait until Scott and I are completely settled into our very comfy chairs and the kids are in their room and then he likes to go out. But we have to let him out because we can't take chances with the carpet. It's been through enough as it is.

Speaking of comfy chairs, Scott and I got rid of the two-seater couch and replaced it with a recliner that is just right for me. See, the two-seater couch was too big for one person and too small for two Mayberrys, so it became a repository for piles of toys, magazines and sheet music, as well as considerable amounts of cat hair. Not long ago I proposed that we replace it "sometime" with a recliner, knowing as the words fell from my mouth that "sometime" in Mayberry-land is "now". Within a week, the new recliner. But I positively love it. It fits me perfectly and it swivels. It has opened up some space in our overcrowded living room and reduced the amount of cat hair as well.

Scott is building a new tower in the back yard. Now we have another gangplank and platform above the swingset, with very sturdy rails, thank God, and the usual protection runes built right into the design. Eventually the entire back yard will be roofed with this playset. It will look like Mousetrap back there. But in the meantime, the kids think it's pretty groovy.

Also, it's the beginning of spring around here (unlike you sad sack East Coasters, who I understand were subjected to minus 34 degree temps the other day). I have been cleaning out the flowerbeds, which I love to do because the perennials are coming up and it's like finding buried treasure. They're selling racks of primroses and pansies in front of Fred Meyer. Also, this morning my windshield was clear and it smelled like warm rain.

So thank God, I made it through another winter. The kids are likely to recover and at the end of my shift today I'll be back in my wonderful green recliner. And life is good.

So now you know.

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