Oh How They've Grown

Well, I said I'd write about the Yakima Fair, but that was a bald-faced lie, wasn't it?

Suffice it to say that whereas last year Jordan transmuted into a flailing Fury at the sight of the merry-go-round, this year both children loved the rides, begged for more, and finally had to be bribed out of the fair with the purchase of totally crappy plastic toys which broke on the ride home. Maya was partial to the Bumper Boats, even though she kept spinning around in slow circles from keeping the steering wheel jammed to the right. Jordan rode by himself on the Wacky Worm, a roller coaster that caught some pretty good kid-sized twists and turns. They went back and forth between the car ride and the mini train ride and just couldn't get enough.

Also, they ate corn dogs on a foot-long stick. That was the capper.

So the Yakima Fair was a whole lot more enjoyable this year. In fact, most everything has been a whole lot more enjoyable this year. Pre-school, for instance, was rough going for the first few weeks last year; this year, the kids slipped into school like fish into a river. Picture-taking day was no sweat. We can take the kids shopping, on errands and to friends' homes without excessive delays or effusive apologies. It's nice. It's real nice.

On the other hand, I just came across a picture of Maya when she was a round-faced, wispy-haired, drooling little beauty. Not anymore. Oh, she's still beautiful--but tall, with legs shooting out of her pants faster than we can buy them, and with a Do-It-Myself attitude that doesn't quit. And Jordan! He reads, he writes, he pours his own juice. He's practically ready for college. It's bizarre.

Time does a weird pretzel-twist when it comes to small children. Some days, some hours feel like child-raising will never end, and there is nary a free moment in sight. Then perspective shifts and it all feels like a rollercoaster rush, over too fast, so thrilling and breathless you wish you could do it all again. All except the tantrums, sleepless nights and allergies.

So the Yakima Fair was fun. The kids are fun. Life with the kids is fun.

Please remind me I said that on the next sleepless night.

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