Happiness at Work

Christine forwarded a link to a website that has positively--so to speak--made my day. Its entire premise is being happy at work: why it's important, and how it's possible.

It's such an accepted phenomenon to hate our jobs. The weekly grind, working for the weekend, TGIF. This really is ridiculous. Last I checked (and it was recent) those of us working full-time spend more time at work than with our families. Yet it's a national pastime to bitch about work.

Lately I had been experiencing an ephemerous desire to bring joy into my work, but reading this website cemented my resolve. I, at least, am going to have a good time. It's easier to spread discontent than contentment, but they're both contagious. I don't plan on shoving happiness in anyone's face, but I do plan on making a concerted effort to:
  • Show up with a happy spirit whenever I can
  • Lighten up the surroundings that are within my reach
  • Encourage laughter
  • Remember that what we do here is important
  • Remind the people around me of the same
  • Bring in some plants.

That oughta do some good. At least, it will for me. Because just thinking about the greater picture of happiness in the workplace fills me with, well, happiness. It makes the work day seem like something greater than trading time for a buck--it makes it more about living fully every moment, even the scheduled ones.

When I was a kid, I liked school, and this always made me some kind of an outcast. Even then there was the message that the right way to go about the day was to slog through the commitments until the doors exploded open at three pm. Now, most of the time, I like work. I admit it! I claim my work happiness! If that is unusual, then that is plain wrong, and it's high time we started making some cultural changes.

Starting with bringing in some plants.

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