Halloween (poem by Jordan, age 7)


Hosts are ghosts
and lightning strokes
to brighten your eyes
to get the shys
and when something flies it's scary
and if something's hairy it will get bairy
it can't be a fairy and

if an ant will be red
then put him to bed
and if you were never fed
then you'll be dead and
I was holding a head and
when he the monster was folding skin
I was about to screech
when I heard a creek
and spiders creep

I was about to peep
when I heard a leap
and found a dead bird but
he was a turd and when I was in this house
I found my old blouse
I want my spouse
I want to be brave
I wish I were saved
now I am saved
I see my spouse.


Anonymous said...

That is the most amazingly wonderful Halloween Poem I've ever read.... I'm the lamest poet ever, but I can recognize good stuff when I read it! Tell Jordan he's a maestro, Robin. I LOVE this poem!!!!

Carolyn said...

Actually, I meant for that to be NOT anonymous....whatever.... :{ ....I posted the last comment, ~Me, Carolyn, your technologically-dorky friend...!