A little bit of Mayberry excitement

Well, we've been suspecting for some time that our little family was moving toward being bona fide eccentric, and our suspicions have been confirmed. We are auditioning to be on the ABC show, Wife Swap.

If you haven't seen it--then first of all, you must. It's our favorite show (along with Monk and The Office). For two weeks, the wives of two different families swap places and go and live with another--radically different--family. It's always entertaining, but beyond that, it's a window into the world of other families, which I find completely irresistible.

Countless times we have looked at each other and confirmed that we should be on this show. So imagine our surprise when we got an email from the casting office saying they were looking for families who have a cleaning business. We hopped right on that express train and we've been moving at high speeds ever since.

We're still in the auditioning process, so we're not sure yet. But already it's been an eye-opener. Just interviewing our family members and taping our home interior has allowed me to look at our family through someone else's eyes. And you know what? We have a pretty awesome family.

Remind me of that the next time the dog throws up on the rug.

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