The Field by Lynne McTaggart

I just picked up a book that is blowing my mind.

I have been looking for some readable material that could heighten my understanding of the frontier sciences, particularly as they apply to what I see on a daily basis in my BodyTalk practice. This book is really tying up some loose ends.

For those who don't follow these things, some of the basic ideas of quantum physics and the frontier sciences are:
  • What we perceive as solid matter is actually an impeccably orchestrated molecular dance--energies in perpetual motion
  • Once an electron has connected with another electron, each will be aware of the other's activity anywhere in the universe
  • Our universe is a sea of wave activity, which we are always affecting and being affected by
  • The sea of wave activity is essentially a place (or non-place) of limitless possibility. What shifts possibility to actuality is observation.

I guess I have personally sat with these ideas for long enough that I'm used to them. (Plus, I have a history of some chemical brain-altering, which I think helped.)

But then I started doing BodyTalk, and started seeing things happen which whetted my appetite to know more. How is this happening? How can I sit down, do a little muscle testing with someone's hand, discover the communication breakdowns in his or her bodymind that need to be restored and with a little tapping, help restore it? There's no doubt it's working. It's amazing; it's seemingly miraculous, sometimes--but it's definitely working.

Then I discovered this book. I haven't even finished it yet and already I want to buy a hundred copies and pass them out. Ms McTaggart, you see, had the same questions I did, except she's an investigative reporter so she went and found the answers by extensively interviewing and pestering top scientists from all over the world.

From the prologue:

For a number of decades respected scientists in a variety of disciplines all over the world have been carrying out well-designed experiments whose results fly in the face of current biology and physics....What they have discovered is nothing less than astonishing. At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.

Now this I had heard before, although she does put it quite succinctly and beautifully, in my opinion. But here's something I hadn't heard. In 1970, Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that for optimum health, we must maintain a constant equilibrium of light. If we don't have enough light, our cells mutate or die. If we have too much light, our cells drown. For us to be in ideal health, moreover, this light must resonate in coherence, like an orchestra. If coherence breaks down, the body breaks down.

And what does BodyTalk do? It restores coherence.

So. Thanks to the understanding reached by these scientists and the interpretations of their work by Ms. McTaggart, I begin to see that in BodyTalk, the following applies. I can "tap in" to a client's bodymind (with permission, of course) because we are connected by means of energetic fields. I'm looking for the places where coherence has been compromised, using the consistent framework I was taught. Once the breakdown has been located, the client's body is able to restore optimum coherence, simply by the power of observation.

Quantum physics at work, people.

To come across this information makes me feel like a lottery winner. I already had the ticket, but now I know how much it's worth. In theory, there is no health condition that can't be addressed through energy medicine, particularly with a well-designed system like BodyTalk (sorry to wave the BT flag so relentlessly, but I just can't help myself). We are at the beginning of a whole new definition of health.

Gets me pretty fired up. Can you tell?

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