Back to the Sandwich

Okay, so I tried to simplify things by moving all my chit chat into one blog, but unfortunately, it just felt weird to do that. I mean I have kind of this group of arty folks who like to look at my blogs, but really, do they need to hear my rantings and ravings? It felt strange every time I posted something personal over on Alchemy Studios.

So I'm back. Aren't you glad?

In other news, you'll have to believe me that I had all these completely awesome pictures to post, but am having major, major computer troubles. Put all my pictures on disk but now this new used laptop I'm working on won't read picture disks. So kind of stuck there. I had such eye candy too!

So, in lieu of charming pictures, I will just catch you, my beloved readers, back up with what's going on in Mayberry-land.

1. As of this Monday, when Maya starts kindergarten, I will officially be A Mother of School Aged Children. I am so fine with this...well, mostly fine. Did have a brief meltdown when Jordan just beelined out of the car on his first day with hardly a backward wave. Where's my Velcro kid and who's this self-sufficient little person?

2. Scott just enjoyed his opening night last night for his new solo art show, "Spheres." It's an excellent show. It's up in a local office here that's on the Art Walk, so various art-loving folks stopped in to see his work and were wowed, of course. He's amazing. But I can't show you a picture. Because of my computer.

3. After the van died its spectacular death, it heralded an early end to camping season. We have spent the past month and a half or so working non-stop. It's not very fun to be a mature, responsible, working adult, but it does pay the bills. And it pays for dinner at Perkins.

4. As you may have seen on Alchemy Studios, Derek died. My old boyfriend and love. He was fairly young and it was incredibly sudden, and it still makes me feel very sad to think about it. I expected to be able to keep in touch with him for a long time to come, but it just goes to show that things don't go the way I tend to plan for them. I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy the moment...even when the moment, like now, is Jordan pestering Maya and Maya shrieking that awful whiny shriek that scrapes at my eardrums and drives me bonkers. Try to enjoy it, I remind myself yet again. Life is short.

5. It's been all work and no play and it's made me a dull girl. But I'll try to catch up with some excitement and anecdotes. Come back soon and see!

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