Okay, I am officially on board with Obama.

I attended my first caucus today. Apparently the Democratic party has arranged things so that only attending a caucus counts as a vote, so I showed up. Over the years I have cultivated an unexpected philosophy that as an American, it is my civic duty to participate in the election process. This has nothing to do with rote pledges-of-allegiance or things I learned in eighth grade; it has more to do with traveling, reading, and spending time outside of the country. I have come, over time, to respect our political system. Full of holes and human foibles as it is, it's still holding up.

If, that is, there's a candidate worth voting for. Until very recently, I despaired of that ever happening. I was a Hillary fan because I saw her speak once, and she is very bright and passionate, but even so I recognize she's a full-blooded member of the Old Order.

Then I started paying attention to Mr. Obama. This man is sharp. But more importantly, he's inspiring--and right about now, there's almost nothing we as Americans need more than to be inspired. We're so weary and jaded and disgusted with the whole political scene. We show deep seams of division among our people. Our elections come down to a fistful of votes, counted and re-counted, because we are so split on so many issues. What miracle could we hope for?

This man is a miracle. He speaks a plain yet articulate truth. He turns the onus of responsibility back on the people of America, which is where it belongs. At the same time, he has the charisma and light of a natural leader, and it is just possible we have found someone that most Americans can, at the very least, respect.

His slogan is Yes we can. We can.

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