Christmas Giveaway

In the spirit of the season (which I happen to love) I have decided to shamelessly copy Lani Kent and do a drawing for a little package of Holiday Treasures.

If you like what you see, or even if you hate what you see but you like me anyway, post a comment. Everyone who says hello will be entered into this lovely drawing. I will send out your treasures no later than Thursday, which with Priority Mail should make it darn near anywhere by Christmas.

If you live in Ellensburg, even better for me.

Say howdy and join the fun!


buddinggardener said...

Me first, me first!

I have to say, Those stars look really neat-o. I had to zoom in on your picture and see if I could figure out how you did it. (I couldn't, although I have a guess.)

Maybe if I win one, a closer look will fill in the blanks!

kat said...

How can anyone resist holiday treasures???
I'd loves me some holidays treasures!!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Your star and santas are adorable, and are reminding me to dig up some of my unfinished projects.