Body Talk

My father-in-law accuses me of being what he calls a "gad-about". Loosely defined, a "gad-about" in his book is someone who regularly exits the Ellensburg city limits, but of course I have to go to the next level and take off for four days to distant locales. Often.

This time I'm down in my favorite city, Portland Oregon. I love Portland but I'm not here to sample the city; I'm learning a beautiful healing modality, BodyTalk. My brain is absolutely pickled with all the information but my body is about as balanced as I think it's ever been. See, we keep practicing on each other.

The essence of BodyTalk is that it's a system that pinpoints exactly what your body needs on a particular day and works on that. We use applied kinesiology (ooooh, fancy) to narrow down the choices and when your body has said Yep, that's it, we use a simple energy technique to balance the body. Simple, beautiful, cool. I love it.

Karen has come down with me for the stay. I'm grateful because inexplicably, I do not feel like being alone. Sometimes I'm desperate to be alone but not this time. We hit the Portland favorites like Powell's Books and New Renaissance Bookshop. Also Spartacus, a fully stocked "adult" store that provides tools for grown-up fun that stagger my imagination. But then, you must remember I'm from Puritan roots. You won't see the likes of Spartacus in any New England galleria, I assure you.

Anyhow, there is always more to enjoy in Portland but by six o'clock each night my brain has been fizzled. Mostly I have just gone to bed. But the city will still be here and when I get back to Ellensburg I'll be ready to start practicing towards my certification.

So be prepared to get some free, wonderful BodyTalk work! This class has been a gift and I'm going to be giving it. Maybe it'll keep me from gadding about, at least for a little while.

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Christie said...

Oh how I love to hear about Portland, that glistening city of my youth. I am nostalgic about all things Oregon, being way over here in treeless Scotland, and loved to hear about your trip. Hope you are all well!