In Other News

Thanksgiving Day was pretty much a bust on my end. For the second time in six weeks, I came down with strep throat, and though I love food like my very best friend, even I could not get excited for a plate of turkey and potatoes. We had a full house downstairs at the in-laws', but almost everyone seemed to just want to take a nap, which was exactly what happened about three seconds after dinner.

Is Thanksgiving really ever much fun? I mean, besides the Best Turkey Day Ever as mentioned in a previous post, what's the kick?
Anyway, at least I was with a bunch of good folks, even if all I did want to do was lay on the couch.

Then yesterday morning we decided to join in the Ellensburg Moments to Remember. We missed the tree lighting and the chili feed, but by golly, we made it to the Kids' Christmas Parade. Said parade consisted of a gaggle of kids wearing all manner of costumes, plus the rodeo funny car, three horses in Santa hats, and two goats. Or maybe they were sheep. What the hell do I know?

We waited forty-five minutes in the Sears parking lot drinking Starbucks hot chocolate, then followed Santa in the rodeo funny car for a two-block walk. Maya was not heavily impressed. Jordan waited in the car. Was this a Moment to Remember? It's hard to say.

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