Goin Gray

Good Lord, I am only 38 years old, but there's no denying the truth.

Last month I was cleaning a bathroom with brighter lights than my own and I discovered my first trembling filament of silver hair. My denial was great. I tried to convince myself it was a single strand of sun-bleached hair left over from summertime lake loungings, but alas, it was not so.

In the past few weeks these culprits have been turning up all over my head. At present, I can account for at least 10 gray hairs, all the way from north to south.

I know, some people start getting gray hair when they're 18. But if you don't go gray until you're older, then it means you're, well, older.

I guess my days of hanging out of Trans-Am T-tops at 90 miles an hour with Bon Jovi blasting are officially behind me. That's probably okay.


PocketCT said...

Yeah now you can poke your head out of a moonroof to feel the breeze through your hair. Now listening to Moby and thinking about how beautiful and full life is instead of thinking about how much you are dreading SATs. Then your kids will throw a wobbly headed petshop toy at your shoulder just so you can come back in the car and fetch it off the floor.

Rob Dennis said...

bald and gray is cooler.