Last night we had a party for my birthday. The birthday is uneventful (I'll be 38 on Tuesday; I did the math) but the party was really a fine time. I cooked up a turkey and lots of friends turned up bringing synchronistically complementary side dishes, and we all sat out in the back yard until it was dark and we lit the lanterns and the outdoor fireplace. There were fantastic conversations about politics, 9/11, meditation, Zen, and Will and Grace.

Some of my lovely presents included the fresh bouquet of flowers that Karen brought over, and the ultra-cool collaged card Pedro created. It makes me feel like I'm at arches this very moment! I love it!

There was much more wonderfulness in honor of my birthday, but no post would be complete unless I were to mention the organic, carrots-from-her-own-garden cake that Lisa made. Oh my GOD it was scrumptious. To. Die. For.

For those of you that missed it, we'll catch you at the next party. You know it's gonna rock.

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