You know, I've been putting off writing this post, mainly because I've been feeling the obligation to share What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

Frankly, it's pretty boring. It's not like we hiked Kilamanjaro or did a volunteer vacation in Peru. Nope, we just went camping, exactly according to plan. There were a few hitches, like the leaky radiator hose on the van (in 100 degree temperatures) and the overwhelmed and impatient first few hours of camping, capped off by my insisting Maya did not need shoes to walk from the van to the pool and her promptly stepping on a cactus.

But other than these minor details, My Summer Vacation was me and the fam and our dogs and our trailer in not-so-remote wilderness with an electric hookup and free showers.

Maybe the best part for me was that on the last night, while tearing through piles of muddy clothes to find some simple item, I was suddenly and profoundly ready to go home. This is nearly a record for me--only one week to quench my wanderlust. So we went home and unpacked and I have been happy with my couch and four walls ever since.

For now.

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