World of We Medical Relief Foundation

I'm still stuck on this one line towards the end of "Sicko", which was (slightly paraphrased), "Instead of living in a world of Me, we need to start living in a world of We."

I have been pondering this line, because it resonates with me. I strongly believe that for humankind to survive our current crises and to thrive in the future, we need to collectively abandon this individualistic drive to climb fictional ladders at the expense of other people. We need to surrender some excesses so that others who have nothing can have something. We need, in short, to share.

And since I am part of We this applies to me, too. So Scott and I talked it over, and we are going to do this:

We are going to make a donation to someone that needs help with a medical bill. I can't promise it will be a huge donation, but we're looking for someone who's strapped and needs some help.

Do you need help with a medical bill? Do you know someone who might need a hand? Do you know someone who knows someone? Please pass the word around. If there are too many stories then we will pace ourselves and help one person at a time as we financially can.

This is how we want to contribute to a World of We. Please help us to share.

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