The Real Man List

Long ago, my friend Cynde and I sat down one drunken evening and composed the Real Man List. It contained important qualifications such as these:
  • Hangs out of moving vehicles
  • Has the brain of a sixth-grader but good in bed
  • Plays guitar
  • Works with tools
  • Has a dog

As you can see, we were very knowledgable about what counts most in a man. And we weren't wrong (except the sixth-grade brain part, maybe).

This comes to mind out of admiring Scott's chief Real Man quality: Able to Lift Heavy Objects. He has quite a few Real Man points but the Heavy Lifting thing gets me every time. I think he really, truly won me over the day he picked me up like I was a scrap of paper (I assure you I am at least three pounds heavier than a scrap of paper). I had never before known a man who could sling me around without needing to visit a chiropractor the next afternoon. It made my heart go flitter-flutter.

The other thing that gets me is when he works in his shop, saws buzzing and dust flying, and emerges filthy and smelling like wood. Or, conversely, when he rough-houses with the kids until they shriek with unmitigated delight. Because Real Men dig their kids.

See, I'm a simple gal. I like a man to be a man; it makes me feel more like a woman. I'm all for equality of the sexes--don't get me wrong--but not for one second do I think that means that men and women are interchangeable.

Yes, I like my guy to smell like cologne, Old Spice and dirt. I like calloused hands and stained shirts. I like him to ask if his outfit looks good and to always think I look terrific, even in my bathrobe (he does). I like him to love his kids and to love me and also to totally drop everything for the NBA draft.

I don't ask for much.

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PocketCT said...

I always found a lot to be desired in your first real men list. Well you probably remember I found a lot to be desired from the "real men" that inspired the original list.

Your new definition however, is so on the right track. Men complement women and compliment them but never lose their funny man interests. That's sweet.i