Busy Bee

Never one to get bored (just ask Scott...he'll tell you I do too much and then bitch that I'm overworked), I have added another fun little online shop to my repertoire. What the hell, that's what I say.

Zazzle's looking pretty thin as of this post but give me some time, folks! I think I'm going to have some fun with this one.

Yeah, all I've been doing lately is making art and playing online. I just get in these moods sometimes. But I find it perfectly delightful that I can make things and then introduce them to the world via the internet. Insta-fame. Sort of.

Christine has been Technorati-ing me and I fear I rate very low. But that's okay! It takes every voice to make a choir. Or so I tell myself.

And then I go and make more art. Yee ha!

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