Keeping it Simple

This is my mantra. It's keeping me sane.

Between the supervisor gig, the button-stuffing kids, and Christmas, Keeping It Simple is my recipe for success. It always amazes me, once I shine the light of simplicity on my surroundings, how much I really don't need to do, be or have.

For instance: I did not send a single Christmas card. Not a one. To my knowledge, this has not caused anyone to drop dead.

I did not buy the exact perfect appropriate gift for every single person I could think of. There are some people I really like and appreciate who did not get a gift. There are some people who have already given me a gift that are not getting a gift. And what do I say to this? I say, thank you for the gift.

I do not have to be a cookie-baking, bow-wrapping, everything-in-its-place type of mom. Thank God. The kids are fed and clean and warm and joyful, and that's as good as it needs to get.

I do not have to be perfect at my job. This is fortunate since I'm far from it.

In all, I am reminded that what I have and what I am--right here, right now--is good enough. And that is a tremendous relief.

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