Feeling Better

Okay, I'm not so grumpy today.

My friend Lisa recommended the book Lit from Within by Victoria Moran and it has been a wonderful experience to read it. The main philosophical gist is that every one of us is gorgeous and complete exactly where we stand, right this very minute. So often that sentiment comes off as cheesy, but something about her easygoing style has managed to slip past my guard. I have come around to the refreshing realization that I am, as my friend Dar says, "close to perfect".

This does not mean better than someone else, mind you. Just fine as I am, right now. I am enjoying a remarkable satisfaction with my body, my choices, my finances, and my foibles. It feels pretty darn good.

My body, is particular, is relieved to be let off the hook. The poor thing. It's held up through alcoholism, compulsive dieting, cigarettes and too many trans fats to count, yet it still keeps chugging along. This very morning I was in the front row of Jazzercise, working those abs within a yard of the whisper-thin instructor, and for once, I managed to feel good about my abs. No, they're not flat. Who cares? They've got personality.

As do I.

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