Who's the Boss?

A long time ago in a creative writing class I wrote a story about a fore-woman, a dried-up miserable creature whose only satisfaction was in dominating her underlings.

Hopefully, that's not me. Because see, I'm a supervisor now. After six months of anticipation, interviews, self-sabotage, and terror, the deed is done.

This week, I got the computer, the passwords, and the desk. There's an order in for business cards. I'll have my own phone line, an email address, a title, and of course, responsibility by the bucket.

But to my tremendous surprise, I have already discovered I like it. It's fun to be a supervisor; and no, not because you get to dominate your underlings. The challenge feels like hiking a steep hill and knowing you're going to make it--tiring and invigorating all at once. I'm figuring things out that I never had to think about: fixing the jammed printer, for instance. In the past I have labeled myself Techno Impaired--but no more! For I am a Supervisor!

Same goes for unsnarling questions about our procedures from the public, learning when to step in to help my co-workers and when to stay out, and deciphering the computer manuals that I have conveniently ignored for nigh on seven years.

Yep, I'm challenged, all right. But God it feels good. Like fresh air through a closed room.

Of course, I have a long way to go and many lessons ahead...some of them sure to be interesting. But interesting is why I'm in this job.

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