Last week, Scott and I went shopping for wedding rings.

I know, I know, we've been married for five years. You'd think by now I might have grown attached to the little silver temporary ring I've been wearing all this time..and I have, sure. But with our five-year fast approaching I had no doubt as to what I wanted for our anniversary. I wanted rings.

It doesn't seem like a big deal. After all, some of my favorite mentor marriages have been couples still wearing that ten-buck special they picked up with their beer money. I respect that, I do. But I've still got this thing about wanting to flash the perfect ring. Not some diamond-crusted monstrosity, not some glittery thing that would get me mugged in Beverly Hills, just something that says married.

The trouble with my cute little silver ring is that strangers are never really sure if it's a wedding ring. I watch people see-sawing with whether to call me Mrs and Mrs rarely wins out. It's bad enough with the Olson Mayberry (is it Olson? Mayberry? Molson? Molberry?), but the Miss is really just too much. I tested my theory and wore my mother's gold band for a while, and sure enough, I was magically a Mrs. You may wonder why I care. I care because dammit, I'm married.

Yes, folks, I'm holding down my little corner of the American dream. I'm doing what I can to promote stability, harmony, contented children and dual-motor adjustable beds. No, I'm kidding about the bed, but really, every day married is a testament to the ability to share toothpaste, damp sheets, an overcrowded closet rack and the remote. It proves that people (even people like me!) can trust each other, laugh with each other, and still like each other even after years of stumbling on sore spots, learning awkward lessons, and leaving post-shower puddles on the bathroom floor.

It's important, I think, to be married. It's like a quilt stitch in the fabric of society. I'm not saying the whole quilt has to be stitched--that would be stiff, dull, and uncomfortable for everyone. I'm just saying that a good marriage, well placed, extends security beyond its own borders. It gives hope to people who are looking for long-term love, and gets the job done for others who rate marriage right up there with hostage situations and marathons of Saved by the Bell.

So we picked out rings. They're fabulous. Unique, artistic, solid. That's us.

And maybe from now on I can be Mrs Molsonberry.

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