End of Days

Scott and I were channel-surfing last night and found this show about codes embedded in the Bible. It was pretty eerie as these codes said things like: "Muslim. Prince. Sky. Twin Towers" and "Hitler. Auchwitz. Oven". Naturally we had to hang on for the conclusion, the inevitable moment when the future is revealed. I wasn't surprised to see that like the straight text, the predictions are pessimistic.

I was also reminded that the stuff that's going on today pretty much fits with the Biblical descriptions of the End of Days. You know, the wars, the famines, the earthquakes and volcanoes. The war in the Middle East, the rivers of blood. Et cetera et cetera.

But here's my observation. I believe that our Days are not Ending, but transitioning. I believe we're on the cusp of something better. I believe that humanity is going to stun the universal audiences with a miraculous turnaround that allows us to remember that we are one, that we are woven in with the Earth, and that love is the only solution that actually works.

At the same time I panic just as much as everyone else when I see our oil refineries getting wiped out by an obviously pissed off Mother Earth, or when I read about the spread of avian flu or the proliferation of nuclear arms. As far as I can tell, we still have free will. This means things could go either way.

So as a student of metaphysics, I remind myself over and over again to watch what I think. What we believe, we see. With all the people believing in Armageddon, someone's got to get busy believing in peace, miracles and love. I'm working on it.

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